26 March 2012

لعبة أفشخ حازم صلاح أبوإسماعيل

خلاص زهقنا من بوسترات حازم اللي في كل مكان، لدرحجة أن هو بيطلع من تحت الأرض

21 August 2011

Get rid of Gaddafi

This is it the final stand off with Gaddafi in Bab el-Azizya is taking place today, be part of history and get rid of him.

31 December 2010

إلعب مع الحزب الوطني: فين البرلمان؟

سرق الحزب الوطني البرلمان بالتزوير والبلطجة. المعارضة قدرت تقنع الحزب الوطني انهم يعيدوا المنافسة لكن الوطني رفض إعادة الإنتخابات وﻷنهم نصابين وحرامية قرروا أنهم يلاعبونا الثلاث ورقات.

فين البرلمان؟ خلي عينك عليه وأضغط بالفأرة على الكوب المقلوب اللي مخبي البرلمان لتكسب.

الموسيقى من الفيديو الفذ: توته توته

30 July 2010

Smack the president till he gets sore

Mubarak spends too much time in Sharm el-Sheikh. Turns out he spends this time on the beach relaxing and swimming. Your mission is to teach him a lesson, smack the shit out of him with his wife's slippers. But beware avoid ElBaradei as he is collecting signatures from SCUBA divers.

29 July 2010

Head to Head: Mubarak vs. ElBaradei

Mubarak doesn't like petitions and he won't change the constitution because hundreds of thousands signed a piece of paper. Mubarak is an army man, a man of war, peace and the seven seas. He won't concede defeat without an honorable battle.

He agreed to be challenged over his favorite game, squash. ElBaradei, who also likes to play squash, agreed.

We want to see who will win the game that will change the future of Egypt.

How to play:
Use your mouse to slide the player on the left up and down. Bounce the ball to the right, and score big points by getting it past the other player. Be sure to look out for bonus items

Mubarak's health: behind the scenes

Mubarak is 82 years old and his health is deteriorating rapidly. He has to appear on live TV in few minutes but evidence of his illness is popping up all over his face.

You have to get him ready to address the nation as quickly as possible.